This is a called Peacock Orchid but is actually in the Gladiolus family (another beauty from Kingsbrae Gardens), I am going to work on the stems next leaving the petals and shadows for last.
I find it better to work on more than one painting at a time, then when one is drying I have something else to do, if not I get tired of waiting for paintings to dry and end up touching it when I shouldn’t.

No my robin is not blue lol, this is the first layers, a few more still need to be done to get the right color.

Last but not least is my little goat, he is just too cute to resist. I took lots of pictures of these guys up at Kingsbrae Gardens (one of my favorite places). I think i have the background just about done, then I will remove the masking and start working more on the goat.
Chickadee original daily oil by Krista Hasson

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