Krista Hasson Acrylic Painting WIP
This is Acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas. This is a spot over on the Kingston Peninsula  in New Brunswick. Great waterfall at the end of the slopped hike (quite a challenge with sneakers lol) I was introduced to this spot by my friend and fellow painter Dale Cook. We had a great time that day.
Krista Hasson Acrylic Painting WIP
Started to put in some darks and lights. I find it is easier to judge my values with the medium value red toned canvas.

Krista Hasson Acrylic Painting WIP
This is a 18×24 Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas. It is a spot in the Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, one of my favourite places to hike and take pictures. Very inspiring place.
Krista Hasson Acrylic Painting WIP
Again just starting out putting some darks and lights to get a sense of the value plan. I am really trying to not be consumed with detail with these paintings. The only other acrylics I have done were realistic. We will see how it goes : )
Stop back in again I will be posting updates soon. Thanks for taking the time to look and comments.

Chickadee original daily oil by Krista Hasson

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