12x24" Pears in a box. Week one - Cliff Turner's Oil Still Life Class

12×24″ Pears in a box. Week one – Cliff Turner’s Oil Still Life Class work in progress

I started the Oil Still Life Class with Cliff Turner, I am so excited. Cliff decided to give us one more week to finish our landscape painting (next week). I will post the finished landscape next week :). I have painted many pears in watercolor over the years. I am finding it very exciting to be painting this in a traditional oil technique. We started by toning our canvas and then drawing the set up. Then we started to put in the darks and lift out the lights. So not the way I paint with oil, but I am enjoying it. I love to learn new techniques!! I will update in 2 weeks with progress on the pears. Stay tuned for the finished landscape next week. Fun Stuff ūüôā

Thank you for stopping by. Comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Have an awesome night!

Chickadee original daily oil by Krista Hasson

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