Growing up in the country

Growing up in the country gave me a deep lasting connection with nature. Our natural world has always inspired me. Not just the vast array of colorful flowers, beautiful landscapes, and peaceful wooded trails. It is also the feeling I get while in nature. Wanting to share that beauty and emotional quality is what fuels my creative spirit. If people who view my work can feel that same connection then that for me is the best reward of all.

My segment from the television series “Studio Tour”

Professional Memberships

Society of Canadian Artists – Elected member

Arts Link NB

Gallery Representation

Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville, NB

Growing up in the country

I love to make new friends!

10 Random things about me

  1. I love animals, any animal
  2. When I was a kid I would bring every stray animal home
  3. I am a mother of a grown daughter and wife of a very supportive husband
  4. I would rather spend time in the woods than at the mall
  5. I am a little on the clumsy side (free entertainment for my friends lol)
  6. Art is part of who I am, not something I do
  7. I have a beautiful black and white cocker spaniel named Jak
  8. I love to laugh and act silly
  9. Gardener and flower lover
  10. I was a tomboy growing up

Watercolor on Rice Paper

My process as a watercolorist is untraditional. I work with rice paper, watercolor, and wax. I layer watercolor on top of each other on the rice paper creating the final colors needed for my subject. Using wax as a resist once the painting has dried between the many layers of color and wax. I repeat this process until the painting is completely covered in wax. If you are familiar with the ancient art form of batik it is a  similar process.

Being an artist is a very integral part of who I am

The rice paper is thin and translucent. It pairs with the qualities of the transparent watercolor perfectly, allowing the light to glow from within. I love the balance of the fragility of the rice paper mixed with the strong color and texture that is created during my process. I find it very exciting. Normally you would watch your painting come to life as you paint it, but with my work I have to trust my creative instincts until the end. When I remove all of the wax and see the final result, it is then that my personal vision is revealed.

Chickadee original daily oil by Krista Hasson

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