A Canada Goose is on my Easel Update #2

Canada Goose painting update 2 oil by Krista Hasson

Canada Goose update 2. Wow! It has been quite awhile since I worked on this painting of the Canada Goose (since April actually). Now that I have some time again I will try to finish it up quickly. It is funny how when you put something away and then you look at it, it looks different than you remember. I decided I wanted the background to be darker so I adjusted that and I am going to add some lighter reeds and water reflections still. The last thing I will do is the head and beak. So stay tuned for the next update … it should be the last 🙂

You can see my other posts for the Canada Goose by clicking the following links – Update 1 and the initial Block in 

I hope you are enjoying the updates on my progress. Thank you for stopping in, I am grateful for your support.  Have an awesome weekend!


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Border Collies Finished – commission Oil WIP

Border Collies finished commission WIP oil painting by Krista Hasson

Border Collies commission is finished! It has been a crazy busy start to the new year I have never painted or had so many deadlines like I have this year (that is a good thing). I am so happy to finally have had the time to finish up this commission of these two wonderful collies. I stopped taking commissions a while ago but I am such and animal lover I cannot resist or turn down dogs :). I loved painting them and I hope the owner is thrilled when she sees it in real life.

Now I have to start painting for the upcoming studio tour I am participating in soon. The studio tour is June 10th and 11th,  you can go to our Kings County Studio Tour page to find out more details. Cheers!

Canada Goose Oil Painting Update


Here is my Canada Goose update. I still have a few details (like the eyes) to add and the final highlights. I have a lot of paintings on the go all in various stages. I often post progress shots on my facebook page. If you would like to follow along with more of my work, you can like my page here. Thank you for looking, have an awesome day!

A Canada Goose is on my Easel

Canada Goose oil block in complete

I just finished blocking in this Canada goose. I will be painting birds for a bit and that’s ok with me, as you know I am a lover of anything animal or nature related. There will be an art show coming up just on birds at the Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville this summer. I will post the details when it gets closer.

I will post the update on this painting when I get further along. Thanks for stopping in have a great weekend.

Cheers 🙂

Update 4 Border Collies commission Oil WIP

Update 4 Border Collies commission

Update 4 – Border Collies on beach oil commission

Border Collies commission, I am on the home stretch. I am so enjoying these beautiful dogs. I just have fine tuning and small details left to finish. Of course, I am now waiting for paint to dry lol it seems to be the story of my life right now. I have been super busy getting ready for my solo show opening on April 7th. I have also been busy painting for a local show and sale at RNS in May and I also have to have two more painting for a “call for submissions” that is due in April. I have been painting day and night it seems 🙂 I hope you are enjoying seeing the progress on the collies.

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Update 2 – Pears in a Box – Oil Still Life Class with Cliff Turner

update-2-pears-in-a-box – Oil Still Life Class with Cliff Turner

Update 2 on Pears in a Box – Oil Still Life Class with Cliff Turner


Update 2 – Pears in a Box. This was week three painting on this still life. There is only one week left to paint on this and it will be finished. I love painting still life and doing this one has reminded me of how much. I am very excited to finish this one, I can’t wait to paint on the stems lol they look so funny without them. Thank you for stopping in I hope everyone is having a wonderful and creative week!! 🙂

Update on Pears in a Box – Oil Still Life Class with Cliff Turner

Update - Pears in a Box – Oil WIP Week 2 Krista Hasson

Pears in a Box – Oil WIP Week 2










Update – Pears in a Box – Oil WIP Week 2 of Cliff’s still life course. I am really enjoying this painting. it has been a long time since I painted a still life. In my first post, we did the underpainting (last week). This week we worked on adding local color and darkening the shadowed areas. I cannot wait to glaze some color on this next week. Thanks for looking!

Update 3 – Border Collies on the Beach Oil Commission WIP

Update 3 – Border Collies on the Beach Oil Commission WIP 5

Update 3 – Border Collies on the Beach Oil Commission WIP








My Border Collies on the Beach Oil commission is moving along nicely, I have been working all over to bring the painting together. I worked on the right-hand dog (Noah) a lot this morning, he is starting to come to life. Still quite a ways to go, but I am very happy with the progress. Sweet Nelly will be next then it will have to dry before I can add more. It is painful watching paint dry lol. Just joking I am also working on paintings for my upcoming solo show in the spring.

Thank you for stopping in have an awesome weekend!

Update 2 – Border Collies on the Beach Oil Commission WIP

Update 2 – Border Collies on the Beach Oil Commission WIP

Update 2 – Border Collies Nelly and Noah on the Beach Oil Commission WIP

Update 2 – Border Collies

I have a lot more paint on the dogs, they are still very rough. I worked more on the beach and water, it is hard to see there is some glare from the wet paint. Started adding in more of the seaweed, this will change some, so far placing and rearranging to see what I like. I wish oil paint dried faster lol, I am so loving painting Nelly and Noah, they are such beautiful dogs! To see the post before this on Nelly and Noah click here. Stay tuned I will update later when I can add more paint!

Cheers 🙂



Update – Border Collies on the Beach Oil Commission WIP

Update - Border Collies on the Beach Oil Commission WIP

Update – Border Collies 15×30″ oil by Krista Hasson

Update –  Border Collies on the Beach Oil Commission. Working away on my commission of Nellie and Noah. It is still at the early stages. I am excited to get the background finished so I can do the detail of the dogs, I love painting dogs they all have their own personalities. Thanks for looking, Have an awesome day!

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Border Collies on the Beach – Oil painting Commission Started

Border Collies - initial drawing

I just started this 15×30″ oil commission of 2 Border Collies’ Nelly and Noah. As you know I absolutely love dogs (of any kind) or any animals :). The original picture was Noah (on the right) on the beach. I used reference pictures and videos to get the size of Nelly compared to Noah and placed her on the beach beside her brother. In the bottom picture I am just starting to block in the main aspects of the painting. I will post updates as I go. I will also be posting the step by step on my Facebook Page . Don’t forget to click like on my page so the updates will be in your news feed. Thank you for stopping in 🙂
Border Collies - beginning of block in

Adding Color – Week 3 of Cliff Turner Oil Workshop

Adding Color - Week 3 of Cliff Turner Oil Workshop

Adding Color – Week 3

I was so excited to be adding color to my painting. It is hard to believe the  difference a little color makes. This is what happen in week 3 of the workshop I am taking  on traditional oil painting from Cliff Turner. I posted last weeks (again) below to show you the difference.  I can’t wait to see how it looks after next week. Stay tuned 🙂

Click the picture to read original post with weeks one and two of workshop.



Solo Show in April 2017 – Paintings in Progress for show

solo show - watercolor batiks in progress
2017 is off to a very busy start, between getting ready for a solo show, working on commissions and taking an art class. I am painting a lot of new work for my solo show featuring my watercolor batiks on rice paper.
Show Details
  • “Nature’s Essence – by artist Krista Hasson.
  • Sunbury Shores Art and Nature Centre – St. Andrews, New Brunswick.
  • April 7th – April 29th, 2017.
  • Opening reception is April 7th at 5pm
I though you might like to see some of my paintings for the show in progress. These batiks are drying after the first layer of paint is applied. Sometimes I start with yellow or blue shade depending on what the the dominant color of the lights are.
watercolor batik first layer yellow
solo show - watercolor batik first layer blue

As an Artist you should never stop learning

I started taking a workshop on traditional methods of oil painting. The instructor, Cliff Turner is an excellent artist, he is also a great teacher with a good sense of humor (very important). I have painted with oils for some time now but I have never painted using the traditional methods. We started with an under-painting of the sky in week one. Week 2 we did the under-painting for the buildings. The method is very interesting I love the adding and subtracting of the paint to build up mass and form. I have posted pictures of week 1 and 2 below. I will post the other weeks as they happen. Have a great night!

Cliff Turner workshop

Week 1 under-painting of sky by Krista Hasson oil 16×20″


 Week 2 Under-painting buildings by Krista Hasson

What do you do as an artist to continue to grow and learn? Let me know leave a comment below.


All I Can See Is Red. Using red ground for my latest Works in progress ( WIP ) Acrylic paintings

Krista Hasson Acrylic Painting WIP
This is Acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas. This is a spot over on the Kingston Peninsula  in New Brunswick. Great waterfall at the end of the slopped hike (quite a challenge with sneakers lol) I was introduced to this spot by my friend and fellow painter Dale Cook. We had a great time that day.
Krista Hasson Acrylic Painting WIP
Started to put in some darks and lights. I find it is easier to judge my values with the medium value red toned canvas.

Krista Hasson Acrylic Painting WIP
This is a 18×24 Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas. It is a spot in the Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, one of my favourite places to hike and take pictures. Very inspiring place.
Krista Hasson Acrylic Painting WIP
Again just starting out putting some darks and lights to get a sense of the value plan. I am really trying to not be consumed with detail with these paintings. The only other acrylics I have done were realistic. We will see how it goes : )
Stop back in again I will be posting updates soon. Thanks for taking the time to look and comments.

Hanging Out To Dry – Latest Rice Paper Paintings by Krista Hasson

Krista Hasson's rice paper paintings hanging to dry
Here is a peek behind the scenes, these paintings all just had another layer of paint and are now drying. They are not finished yet still a few more layers to go.
Recently I have taken a little vacation from painting, I find that I always need a break after getting ready for a big show. Now I am planning for a spring group show at the Gainsborough Gallery in Calgary and working on my show in September at the Saint John Art Centre. I will post the finished paintings when they are finished.
Feels great to be painting again!

Take Care,
Krista  : )

Sunflowers full Sheet Watercolor Painting Update 5

Update before this:

I posted my latest update and then the one before that so you could see the difference. I have done a lot of work on this even though at first glance it may not look like it. The biggest thing was adding some warmth to the shadows. I also added another layer to the background, and many layers of yellow to the petals some warm some cool. As I build up the shadows you can begin to see the depth that it creates. A couple little tweaks and the left hand sunflowers will be done. Then I will concentrate on the main one. You can see the process how my centers start out with blue (my husband says you are not leaving it blue are you lol) and then I will glaze over top until I get the desired value and color.

Purple Clematis Flowers – Watercolor Painting Finished

Finished this last night. I darkened the background some in spots and I removed the mask from the center of the main flower making sure to keep my biggest contrast here. I added some purple shadows at the base against the yellow for added impact. This painting is 16×20 and it is hard to see the full effect when you make them a smaller size for the internet. Once I have it framed I will take a picture of it hanging and post it to give you an idea of the full effect. Thanks for looking. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Purple Clematis Flowers – Watercolor Painting Work in Progress

I currently have 4 watercolors and 1 Acrylic on the go. I will post each one until completed before I post the others. This is 16×20 and I started this on Tuesday along with 2 other new ones. (acrylic and Peony have been ongoing) I actually have been making more progress with the white peony and will post it as soon as it is complete. These purple clematis grow up my light post at the end of my driveway, I love the movement and turns of these flowers. definitely one of my favourites. I will post an update soon as I have done more on this. I seem to be having a time problem lately .. I can’t seem to find enough to do everything that I want lol  These flowers are being painted for a solo show I have coming up in the spring. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

White Peony Watercolor Painting – Update 5

I am still working on my peony, not as often as I would like. It is still not close to being done, hopefully I will be able to give it more of my attention. I have also been busy experimenting with acrylic and paper, also mounting and varnishing watercolor and acrylic used as watercolor. I will post some of my pieces hopefully tomorrow when I get a chance. I am also busy painting for a solo show in the spring of 2012. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog I appreciate it, I also welcome comments and suggestions. Have a great night everyone

White Peony Watercolor Painting – update 4

It is slow going with the peony, I have to work on other things as well so I started an oil landscape and I also stretched some watercolor paper onto stretcher bars and I am doing a watercolor on that as well. This peony is 16×20 as well as the oil. the watercolor stretched is only 8×10. I did not want to get into anything big trying something new. I will post pictures of the others as soon as I get caught up. Happy Painting and have an awesome weekend everyone!

White Peony Watercolor Painting – update 3

Still working on my latest peony watercolor painting. I am just starting to develop some of the more shadowed petals, this will give me a reference to compare all of the rest to. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I also finished a painting of a green crab for a calendar to raise money for an educational aquarium, I will post about it later on when I get a chance.

Happy Painting!!

White Peony Watercolor Painting – Work in Progress WIP

This is the latest watercolor painting I am working on, it  is a White Peony 16×20″ on 200lb CP  paper. I have started working on the background, I will add a couple more layers before moving to the petals of the peony. These peonies grows in my neighbors garden and they are so beautiful, I can sometimes be found early in the morning in my pjs sneaking through their yard taking pictures, with permission of course (for the pictures not the pj’s lol ) Sometimes the light is just perfect and I know if I take the time to get dressed I will miss it. Thank goodness nobody else is up this early on my street 🙂